Miami Wedding at Trump Doral

As a Miami wedding photographer, some weddings touch your heart in a profound way that you can’t help but feel absorbed in the celebration. Ana and Tony’s magical wedding was indeed such an occasion that showcased the awe-inspiring beauty that blossoms from a couple’s shared love.

A Prelude to the Celebration

Our story begins at Ana’s childhood home, a place filled with endearing memories. Surrounded by this nostalgia, Ana started her day, the anticipation palpable in every corner. Her mother, Amparo, cherished every moment, emphasizing the sacredness of this beautiful day.

The Sacred Aisle: A Miami Wedding Photographer’s Perspective

In honor of tradition, Ana and Tony decided against a first look. The air was thick with expectation, capturing the emotions of the couple and the attendees. Tony spent the morning in high spirits, his laughter mingling with his groomsmen’s around the pool table. The moment Ana appeared at the aisle’s start, illuminated in her stunning Galia Lahav gown, Tony’s face broke into an expression of absolute elation.

Between Showers and Rainbows: Miami Wedding Photographer‘s Delight

Despite the imminent threat of rain, we seized the opportunity for a breathtaking bridal portrait session. Ana, stunning in her gown, and Tony, dashing in his white-tie formal attire, reveled in every moment. As if on cue, the rain ceased, giving way to a magnificent rainbow that painted the sky, adding another enchanting layer to their portraits.

A Night to Remember

Next, the Trump Hotel in Doral unfurled its romantic ambiance, amplified by the tasteful decor and exquisite floral arrangements. The night was a perfect reflection of Ana and Tony’s refined taste. The reception, filled with delightful surprises, was a grand affair. The appearance of the University of Miami mascot during the Hora Loca was a moment of pure joy!

The Bonds of Love

Among all these magical moments, the one that tugged at my heartstrings was the sight of Ana’s father, overwhelmed with emotion. The image of a father giving away his daughter is always poignant, symbolizing the depth of their bond.

Being a part of Ana and Tony’s splendid wedding was an absolute blessing. As their Miami wedding photographer, I captured not only beautiful images but also the heart and soul of a day filled with love, family, and joyous celebration.

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